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5 Reasons Why Art is Good for Your Health

5 Reasons Why Art is Good for Your Health

What is Art?

Our beloved art teacher from high school taught us early on that in the most basic terms, art is defined as "anything man-made". This can be anything from painting, drawing, photography and crafts to music, theater and writing – any many other forms of art in between.

Art is also good for your health. It's good for adults, kids and the elderly.

Here are 5 reasons why art is good for your health:

  1. Creating art gives one a positive feeling of accomplishment. We develop skills, discover joy in our work and enjoy the response it elicits in others.
  2. Art can be used to express and release thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  3. Time disappears when you are being creative. It encourages problem solving, imagination, and develops the brain. We look at things and see details we didn't notice before.
  4. Creating and enjoying art increases relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety. Studies show that art improves our health and well being.
  5. Art improves our atmosphere and environment and sets a mood. It improves communication and it connects us with other cultures.

It doesn't matter if you think you are talented at the type of art you perform or not, what matters is the process. Create art because you enjoy it! Why not embrace your artistic side, expand your creativity and improve your health along the way!

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