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6 Steps to a SMART Online Marketing Plan

6 Steps to a SMART Online Marketing Plan

Here’s a quick 6-step plan to get you started with your smart online marketing plan.

1. Define Your Objective

What is the goal or end result you expect your online marketing plan to achieve? Write the goal down but take your time and think about it. Define your objective on paper and make it simple and clear.

2. Define Your Target

Who are you marketing to? Be very specific about identifying who they are. Is it more than one type or kind of target? How does your product or service benefit them? Where do you find your targets “hanging out” so you can get your message out to them? The clearer you are about describing your target, their habits and hangouts, the better your message will be received by your target. Here's a great power point template to help you define your marketing target. It's called a Buyers Persona Template and it’s designed to help you clearly define your target audience. 

3. Write a "SMART" Plan

How will you get your message to your target? You will know this once you've created your buyers persona. Write a SMART marketing plan based on the persona to get your message to them. Outline your “SMART” (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) marketing goals.
We use an inbound marketing method that focuses on helping target audiences solve their problems through education. Our inbound marketing method consists of weekly blogging, daily tweeting, interacting on social media, offering helpful content online with calls to actions, capturing leads with smart form pages and automated lead nurturing with e-mail marketing to build relationships and trust.

4. Put Your Plan Into Action

Now that you have SMART marketing goals, and a clear target to market to based on your buyers persona, and a specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound written plan, its time to put it into action. You will need to automate your online marketing plan. Google Analytics is one tool that you can use to test and measure your online marketing efforts.

5. Test and Measure

Testing and measuring are the eyes and ears of your online marketing process. It's important to have an accurate repeatable consistent way to test and measure your marketing results. You cannot reach your SMART marketing objective with out testing and measuring. What data points are important to test and measure? We look at a lot of data points over time based on our SMART marketing plan. Our objective is to beat our weekly and monthly goals. Some of our main marketing goals are to:

  • Continuously increase visitor traffic to our website.
We do this by blogging, tweeting, and interacting in social media consistently with a calendar plan.
  • Converting visitors to leads.
We do this with great calls to action, lead forms and valuable content to help our target audience find solutions to their problems.
  • Nurturing leads into customers.
We use an automated process of e-mail marketing to help our prospects discover the solutions they are seeking. We don’t push a sell, but we instead offer to help through education and valuable solutions. 

6. Refine the "SMART" Marketing Plan

Look at your data to determine what's working and what's not. Once you hit a goal, set another one. It's important to have a great marketing analytics package to give you the data you need to make smart decisions. This will gives you the ability to quickly turn your attention to improving your online marketing process.

Now it's time get busy and begin your SMART Online Marketing Plan!



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