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SMART Goals: How to Bracket Your Business for Success

SMART Goals: How to Bracket Your Business for Success

Business Goals: A Formula For Success

A critical part of business strategy is planning goals for your business. When we write down our goals, we have more confidence, are more motivated to reach results, and have more success in meeting our goals. But sometimes the biggest hurdle is simply getting started. Breaking large goals into smaller milestones helps us get closer to our big goal one step at a time, building confidence and momentum along the way.

What are SMART Goals?

SMART goals help us clarify our goal so that it is actionable and achievable. What is a SMART goal? It is a goal that is:

  • S:  Specific. It is well-defined and focused. Once we focus on a goal, it becomes a magnet, and all your energy is focused on this goal.
  • M:  Measurable. Put concrete numbers on your goal. It is a way to see if you are on track so that you can adjust your course if needed.
  • A:  Attainable. Dreaming big is good. But your goals must be attainable for you to make progress. Do you believe that you can realistically reach your goal?
  • R:  Relevant. Choose a goal that is relevant to your business and its success. Don't choose a goal because someone else thinks you should do it. Choose one because YOU want to do it.
  • T:  Timely. Write down a specific date to reach your goal. Having a deadline helps you set a pace to reach your goal to stay on track and keep you accountable.

March Madness: Bracketing Your Business Goals

We have created a fun analogy to help you get started planning your first SMART business goal. Every year in March, fans eagerly choose teams and follow basketball games in the hopes that their favorite will win the NCAA Championship. We're going to bracket a few goal ideas. Set your business up for success by picking a few different ways to build your business. Then narrow it down to ONE goal, and follow through to meet your goal (of course, they will ALL be winners!)

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