Clients always want to be on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo in local search keywords for products and services they sell. Who wouldn’t want to be ranked on the first page?

DeCarlo Studios provides on-page search engine optimization for clients. SEO is one of our many services. We help to get local businesses on the first page in hundreds of local searches through on-page SEO. The problem we run into even after clients are ranking in the top 10 for multiple keyword searches is that “being on the first page doesn’t translate into the telephone ringing with more business.” This is upsetting to clients because they equate being on the first page in a search with more business, but it's just not true.  Is there more exposure for your site on the front page? Yes. Does it guarantee more business? No.

You Can Lead a Horse to Water ...

This old saying is also true with website SEO for search engines too. You can do all of the right things to get a top-ten page rank but if the visitor doesn’t find what they're looking for on your site, they bounce away to the next site. So how do you keep the visitor’s interest on your website and get them to call you about your product or service? The answer is simple. INTERESTING CONTENT written specifically for your buyer's persona to answer their questions.

Answer Questions with Your Website!

Visitors on your website who find you through SEO keywords are generally not at your site to read about you or your business. The visitor is usually on your website researching answers about a product, service, price, or seeking answers to questions they have.  The visitor may be trying to research something you offer and they are comparing prices or features. They are there seeking information anonymously and they are not ready to call. It's up to the website to turn the visitor into a sales lead.

How to Turn a Web Visitor Into an Online Lead

So, how can you turn the visitor into an online lead? Well you have to catch their interest with good content on the topic they are interested in learning about. You know your business, products and services and if the visitor would just pick up the phone and call they would get your experience and knowledge with every question they ask you. So why doesn’t your website contain answers to the most common questions that customers ask you? If you don’t know what these questions are then you should write down every question customers ask. After you have a list of common questions, write down great answers.

Questions are the Answers!

So now you have a list of common questions and the answers as well. Get them up someplace on your website where they can be found by visitors looking for information and answers to their questions. Don’t write a sales pitch into your answers, just honest and true professional advice. Don’t make the answer too long, just write a brief summary.

Make an Offer and a Call to Action

On the same page as your summarized answer offer to consult free over the phone with the visitor to answer any other questions and provide your business phone number or a form option to take their name and number so that you can call them at a specific appointed time.

On the same webpage, create a call to action. A call to action is an offer such as a free 10 page eBook that goes into greater depth to answer questions on the topic of interest. The visitor will give you their name and e-mail in exchange for the eBook. In two days, follow up with an e-mail thanking them for their interest. In the e-mail reply, again offer an opportunity for the free phone consultation to answer any other questions. Offer another call to action as well in the e-mail for more information on their topic or a similar related helpful topic.

Givers Gain

Giving honest and true information will help your website build a reputation as a reliable source of good information. You will build your visitor's trust and confidence in you. When they are ready to begin the buying process, they will choose an expert who has their confidence and trust. If that expert is you, your phone will be the one that rings with more business.