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How to Add Google Analytics to My Website

How to Add Google Analytics to My Website

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a must-have, FREE addition to your website. To find out how many visits your site gets, how long people visit, what pages they visit, how they found your site and where in the world your traffic is coming from, installing Google Analytics on your website is definitely something you will want to do.

We think that one of the most interesting pieces of the 8 Suggestions is the Google Analytics suggestion. Google Analytics will give you insight into how many visits your website gets, what pages were viewed on your website, how long visitors visited your website and where the visitors are from. You will also be able to find out which networks, browsers and devices they are using when they look at your site. Google Analytics will also show the keywords that viewers used to find your site. It will give you information on referring websites. All of this information is just the start. You can create custom reports and keyword campaigns. You can view very specific data and use this information to fine-tune your website content to attract more traffic. Another great thing is that the Google Analytics tool is free. DeCarlo Studios installs it on every website we build for our clients. We use the data from Google Analytics when we do SEO for our clients. The analytics provides us the information we need to know to be successful with our client's search engine optimization campaign.

From the day you install Google Analytics, it begins to track the traffic on your web site. It will give you information on the keywords people are using to find your site and who is referring visitors to your site. Once you have Google Analytics installed on your website, you have information to know if your site is actually being looked at.

How to Add Google Analytics to My Site

Adding Google Analytics is not difficult.

You may need to set up an account first.

Once you are logged into Google analytics you will go to "Admin" and "Select + New Account " button.

  • Input the website name.
  • Input the web address URL.

  • Input your industry category.
  • Input your time zone.
  • Add an account name.

Next, you will get your tracking code by clicking the "Get Tracking ID" button.

The "Tracking ID Code" is what Google Analytics uses to track traffic on your website. Include the Analytic's Tracking ID and code in your website or mobile app in order to collect and send usage data to your Google Analytics account. You can track multiple properties in the same account, but every property must be set up individually.

Here is a link from Google on how to set up the web tracking code on your website:

After you have the Google code set up in the code of your web site as directed by Google, you will need to login to Google Analytics and verify that Google Analytics is seeing the code. Here is a link from Google on how to verify that Google Analytics is seeing the code:

Once you get confirmation that Google Analytics sees the code, visit your site from a couple of different devices. Google will show you traffic data on your site by the following day.

Please spend time looking over the reports on the left side menu that Google makes available to you. There is a wealth on information in the reports. Just seeing the type of data available will inspire you to begin to think of your website as a marketing tool instead of a static company brochure. Some reports will need to be set up to run and most will break down your site traffic data as soon as you set up Google Analytics on your web site. Google Analytics is a must-have, FREE addition to your website. We use it daily for our DeCarlo Studios website and for our client's websites.



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