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How to Get Leads Online

How to Get Leads Online

When it comes to generating new leads on line, most business websites miss out on great opportunities to gain leads and customers. Let's discuss the essential things business websites need to put in place to get leads and customers. We begin by placing ourselves in the visitor’s shoes.

How Do Visitors Find Your Site?

A visitor is on your site, but how did they get there? Did they meet you and get a business card? Did they Google your business name because they met you at a networking event? Did they see a piece of marketing material or a commercial advertisement? Did they find you through a review site like Angie's List, Yelp, Facebook, social media, or did you come up in a search? There are many ways for visitors to find your site, but most new visitors who don't know your business should find you through an online search. I say "should" because your site should be optimized for search engines and should be registered with search engines. You need to have a way to keep track of how visitors find you online, like Google Analytics.

In 2012 Google had 1 trillion 817 billion searches. That is more than 5 billion searches a day. That's why search engine optimization is so important. A successful business website should do everything it can to make sure it's optimized for search engines. But great SEO can only deliver a visitor to your site. Then you have to know the answer to the following question.

Why is a Visitor On Your Site?

A person did a search on line and your link appeared on the first page so they clicked and now they're on your webpage. Do you really know why they are there? Can you help them solve their problem? Do you have the answer they seek? Does your page speak to them? They don’t want to call you, email you or speak to a representative, they just need to find the answer they are searching for. If you can’t help them with what they're looking for on your page, then they bounce on to the next site in their search.

How to Keep a Visitor On Your Site

A website or webpage should be optimized for people first and search engines second. The page should be written for the person doing the search. You have to know who's looking for the answer and why they are seeking it. This is accomplished through research and defining the persona that needs your solution. You need to clearly define you buyer persona. Then you can speak to them and help address their needs.  Here's a link to a free buyer persona power point template to easily create personas. Having a defined persona is the first step to writing meaningful content for your visitors.

Use “Calls to Actions” to Generate Leads

Fact: only 3% of website visitors are ready to call, email or communicate with you. How do you capture the other 97%? Your visitor is interested because you are speaking to their problem, but odds are they still will not contact you. They are just researching, comparing or shopping around. Give them an opportunity to go deeper and learn more with a call to action. Better yet, give them calls to action on every page. A call to action is an offer to learn more by downloading free content that goes deeper into solving their problem like an ebook, white paper, checklist or other valuable content. You offer this content through a clickable link called a "Call to Action".

Here's Your Lead

The call to action is connected to an offer page containing a simple form to fill out in order to download your offer. If you've done your homework, researched your persona, created truly valuable content and a great call to action they are now on your offer page. Your goal is to get them to fill out the form. Their goal is to get the information. Don't ask them for their life history. Just name and email address will do fine. People are turned off by being asked too many questions and they will leave if they feel uncomfortable, so don't blow it with too many questions. You get lead info and they get valuable content. Remember, the lead info is to offer them more helpful content – not to sell. If you do everything correctly, you won’t have to sell, they’ll ask to buy from you. We’ll go further into the lead nurturing process in out next blog: Let’s Start Lead Nurturing!



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