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How to Set Up a Lead Generation Campaign

How to Set Up a Lead Generation Campaign

Lets face it, all businesses need a website. A website is the perfect place to generate a continuous stream of leads for a business. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t see their website as a lead generation tool. Let’s explore ways to improve and automate your website lead generation.

Three Percent of Visitors are Ready to Contact

Three percent of website traffic is ready and interested in contacting businesses about helping them with questions or purchasing. So three out of 100 visitors are ready to talk to someone. Simple math says to double three contacts to six contacts, the site would need 200 visitors, etc. So, to increase the contacts we need to increase website traffic.

A few ways to increase site traffic are:

  • Website keyword optimization, better known as SEO.
  • Blogging from your website domain. Also a great way to contribute knowledge and improve site SEO.
  • Online social marketing like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.
  • Conventional advertising and PR like print, TV, radio, and direct mail.
  • Word of mouth networking like Chamber of Commerce, Business Networking International, and local lead share groups.

The big question is, “How can businesses capture the other 97% of visitors?”

Make Them an Offer (or Two or Three) They Can’t Refuse!

Businesses should be experts in their area of focus. Businesses need to provide visitors with the information they’re seeking online or visitors will look elsewhere. Only three percent of site visitors will call to ask questions.

Valuable information can be packaged as:

  • E-books;
  • Whitepapers;
  • Videos;
  • Podcasts;
  • Handy checklists;
  • Demonstrations;
  • Webinars, and more.

Relevant information offers should populate every page of the website and these offers can be exchanged for visitor information like a name and e-mail address. Visitors are willing to give some information in exchange for information they find valuable. These offers are called “Calls to Actions” and are a great way to start the lead generation process on a website.

Nurture Leads From the 97%

Now you have lead information from some of the 97% who were not ready to call. They should be nurtured with additional valuable offers that give them deeper knowledge and help them move closer to solving their problem. Remember, don’t sell – educate – and you’ll gain mindshare, become a thought leader and gain trust. Your offers should be focused on helping to solve their problem. Send deeper information with an automated e-mail marketing campaign designed specifically for their problem. Always include an offer to talk in person with them and your phone number in your e-mail as well as an opt-out option.

Automate the Process

The great thing about the Internet is that computers and software can do most of the lead generating once everything is set up. The process can be repeatable and automated. An automated process may look like this:

  1. A visitor finds your site or blog by searching a specific keyword.
  2. The search engine directs them to your page because of your content and SEO.
  3. The visitors find valuable information on your site and a free great offer to learn more.
  4. The visitors like the offer and click through to a landing page.
  5. They submit a name and e-mail and download your free information offer.
  6. This adds them to a list and triggers an automated e-mail pipeline.
  7. Later, your lead receives a follow-up e-mail with deeper information and an offer to chat about their problem.
  8. The automated e-mail marketing offers continue to provide deeper educational information with a goal of generating an educated sales qualified lead that is ready to do business with you.
  9. The lead is qualified and has given enough information to have sales contact them or the lead is not qualified and is removed or moved to a different simmer list.
  10. An e-mail goes to sales regarding a qualified lead, ready to learn how your business can help solve their problem.

Keep Customers Coming Back for More

The lead generating process can be focused on assisting current clients to conduct more business with you. This is great for client relations and continued awareness campaigns like:  

  • Special offers for loyal clients;
  • Continued product awareness;
  • Educational offers; and
  • Tips and how-to-videos.

These automated lead generation processes will keep you in front of you customers and new prospects. The continuing flow of information and offers will help position a business as a thought leader, increase leads, sales, repeat business and grow revenues.



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