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How to Write Marketing Content that Works

How to Write Marketing Content that Works

Creating written content seems to be one of the common concerns of many clients. In order to present our businesses in their best light, we need to have quality written content to engage our customers. What happens when we get stuck with the dreaded "writer's block" and run out of ideas or just don't know how to get started? Don't worry, we have a few tips to help!

Create a Buyers Persona!

This is the foundation for effective marketing of your business and how you hit your marketing target. Your content should be targeted to a specific “buyers persona”. Buyers personas are fictional representations of your ideal customer. Take a look at your best clients and create a buyers persona. Maybe your current customers don’t represent your ideal customer. This is the perfect time to create your ideal customer and then write directly for them. Targeted buyers will seek you out online. Here is a link to a free buyer’s persona guide.
A buyer’s persona should describe in great detail your perfect client, including a person's fictional personal and business background. The persona should include demographics and any other identifiers including buzz-words and mannerisms. The persona should describe their goals, challenges and how your business can help them with challenges. You should include real quotes you gathered from them if you are able to interview them. Also remember any common objections they may have during a sales process.

Develop a Message!

Next, develop a strong marketing message based on the persona you created and have an elevator pitch ready. Your marketing message should speak directly to your buyer persona's wants and needs. This persona should be the basis for your marketing. Everyone in your company should be aware and focused on the persona. Many companies have more than one buyer’s persona and it’s not uncommon to have four or more. Now you are ready to create marketing channels based on specific personas. Here’s a free Buyer's Persona Template and Guide to get you started on creating a persona.

What to Write When You Don't Know What to Write

One thing is certain: writing is an important part of your business. Consider a few of the marketing materials that need written content: websites, newsletters, blogs, advertisements, and social media. What happens when we want to have wonderful writing, but just don't know how to get started? Here are some tips that we suggest to our clients: The following suggestions should be written with your buyer's personas in mind.

The Hardest Part is Often Getting Started ... "Just Do It"!

Is time a factor? Block out time in your schedule to get it done and stick to it ... "Just Do It!"

Need e-newsletter ideas? Try these:
    •    Customer success stories.
    •    "How-To" articles.
    •    "Tips and Tricks".
    •    "Before and After" projects.
    •    Video posts - link to YouTube.
    •    Answer frequently asked questions.

How do I write for my web site pages? Try these prompts:
    •    Can you describe the materials that you use? How will they help your customer?
    •    In what situations might someone need your services?
    •    Will any of your services help save your customers money?
    •    What are the benefits of some of your services?
    •    What could happen if they choose not to use your services? Are there safety issues?

What and how do I write for my social media?
    •    Write to your customers in a casual, fun way. Speak in brief sentences.
    •    Incorporate photos and video posts of your work — people love to see rich media content.
    •    Use effective titles and keywords. Know what your customers are 
searching for regularly.
    •    Don't oversell yourself. Instead, strive to provide brief, useful 
and informative content.
    •    Again, we cannot stress enough the importance of keywords. 
Use them wisely and well!



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