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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website and Marketing Over the Summer

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website and Marketing Over the Summer

Do you have a little summer down time in your business, or was it on your vision board to make some marketing improvements over the summer months? Here are 5 easy ways to make huge improvements in your marketing!

  1.  Add value to your website by adding videos, PDFs or brochures about your business.
  2.  Keep your website looking professional by reviewing your website and removing any outdated content. Update it with new, fresh content.
  3.  Research your SEO results and look for ways to improve your website traffic or find ways to take advantage of your high traffic areas.
  4.  Update your social media. Create a schedule for your social media marketing and stick to it.
  5.  Prepare some blog posts and create a stock pile of information that you can pull from when you are busy. Post a few blogs now.
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Comparing Cheers Reruns With Facebook Marketing: You Wanna Be Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Comparing Cheers Reruns With Facebook Marketing: You Wanna Be Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Lately we have been watching reruns of the hit television sitcom from the 80s, "Cheers". We have noticed that Facebook marketing is a lot like walking into Cheers. It's a place where your friends gather, you share stories of the day, and "everybody knows your name". Facebook is a marketing tool where your personality can really shine through and your customers can connect with you on a more personal level. Add a touch of humor and some inspiring imagery, and soon customers will be flocking to your website, eager to find out more about your business.

What Should You Post on Your Business Facebook Page?

Make sure you have a variety of posts. Here are a few ideas:

  •  Share what inspires you about your business.
  •  Feature your employees doing a great job at work.
  •  Add quotes related to your business.
  •  Share charitable causes in which you participate.
  •  Announce special offers and promotions.
  •  Highlight some of your latest projects.
  •  Share fun photos from around the office.
  •  Answer your customers' top questions.

Right now, we're watching the early episodes of Cheers. As the seasons progress, we will see new faces and experience new dynamics in the characters' interactions. In the same way, Facebook is evolving and styles are changing. Remember to post consistently and have fun!

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Hit a Home Run: Cover All Your Bases with Great Website Marketing

Hit a Home Run: Cover All Your Bases with Great Website Marketing

Hit a Home Run

Everyone knows that winning a baseball game requires the teamwork of all the players. The same is true for website marketing. When all of your marketing efforts are working together, your website will bring you business - and that's a win! Just as a team needs to practice to play well together, you should always be working on ways to improve your website. And just as you have a better chance of scoring when the bases are loaded, you will also have more opportunities for leads and new business with the more marketing strategies you employ.

Who Are Your Website All-Star Team Players?

  • First Base: Great, informative content that answers the questions of your target buyer's persona.
  • Second Base: A history of your business, and your mission and vision statements.
  • Third Base: Social Media
  • Shortstop: SEO
  • Right Field: Blogs
  • Center Field: Galleries/samples of your work
  • Left Field: Testimonials of satisfied customers
  • Catcher: Contact Forms, Free Estimate Forms, Order Forms
  • Pitcher: Offers and Promotions

How to Hit a Home Run with Your Marketing

Great website marketing works well together. SEO will help your business get found online. When someone visits your site, the content aimed at your target buyer's persona will educate and build trust. They will read about the history of your business, your vision and goals. They will stick around to browse samples of your work, or read a blog to help them solve a problem. They will see testimonials of others you have helped and gain more confidence in your business. They will jump over to your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn or YouTube page to learn more about you. Your personality will come through in your social media and they will feel connected to your business even more. They may see an offer or promotion and be prompted to contact you directly. Congratulations - you now have a customer ready to do business!

Put Me In Coach, I'm Ready to Play!

Ready to turn your website into a marketing machine? Make a checklist of what you would like to accomplish and set some deadlines. It takes time to pull all of your marketing strategies together, but every base you cover brings you closer to home plate. Feel free to contact us at DeCarlo Studios for advice or help with your website marketing and print marketing.

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Simple Steps to Create a Buyer's Persona for Your Business

Simple Steps to Create a Buyer's Persona for Your Business

What is a Buyer's Persona?

Buyers personas are a crucial part of marketing. What is a buyers persona? It is a fictional representation of your ideal customer. Think of it as writing a short story all about your perfect, dream customer. It's a mix of real data and a little creative speculation in a fun, informative story format.

What are the Benefits of Having a Buyer's Persona?

Once you know everything about your dream customer and have created a buyer's persona, you will have a roadmap for targeting all of your marketing. You will be working smarter, creating better marketing, and connecting more directly with your customers. This will naturally create a higher success rate in your campaigns. You will become their trusted go-to source for information and assistance because you know their values and needs, and you have the answers to their problems. Many companies have multiple buyer personas to target different clients.

How Do I Research for a Buyers Persona?

In order to create the perfect buyer's persona you need to do a little research. Ask yourself a lot of questions about your target customer and answer them. Interview some of your current customers. Talk to your sales department about what types of customers bring in the best sales and find out what their common issues are.

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Successful Internet Marketing Tips

Successful Internet Marketing Tips

Inbound internet marketing is much different and opposite to traditional outbound marketing. Today it’s about getting the consumer’s attention online. I’ll start with a description of traditional outbound marketing.

Traditional Disruptive Marketing

Outbound “disruptive marketing” used to be easier. Spend a lot of money on advertising, TV ads, promos, direct mail, newspaper and print ads, cold calls, radio spots, special offers and tradeshows, and watch the leads pour in.
Today it seems like everyone is bombarded with a million marketing messages per day and consumers know how to block out disruptive marketing tactics. The whole outbound marketing thing isn’t doing the job as effectively anymore because of modern defense tactics.

  • 4% of junk mail is discarded without being opened.
  • 72% of Americans are on the national do not call list.
  • More TV viewers are switching to online entertainment.
  • Paid circulation has fallen by 50% since the mid 60's.
  • We use DVRs to record shows and skip commercials.
  • We use spam blockers to purge email.
  • We screen our phone calls.

It's About the Internet

Today the internet is transforming how people shop and buy. It’s the great equalizer and has taken the power away from traditional marketing and sales and put it in the hands of consumers. Consumers find reviews and statistics, they research products and do comparative shopping online – at any time and any place they choose.

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