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Is Your Website a Marketing Funnel?

Is Your Website a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is a must-have if you want to generate new business from your website. Here is a look at a successful marketing funnel model.

Top of the Funnel

The top of the funnel is the part that draws online traffic to your site. Here are great top of the funnel tools and offers that draw visitors to your website:


This is a great way to get found on search engines and to become a thought leader in your industry. A blog is great for boosting your search rank. The blog should be helpful and interesting to people searching for solutions you provide. The blog should be optimized around the keywords you want to rank for, but remember that you are writing for people first, then search engines. Free Ebook Learning SEO from the Experts.

Social media

You can generate a lot of interest and traffic to your website using social media. Communicate based on the style of each platform.

  • Tweet great tips, re-tweet your blog, tweet offers, re-tweet other blogs that interest you – and don’t forget to be fun!
  • Facebook is great because each "like" is looked at as a positive by search engines. Keep it light – post fun photos and things to show your unique personal side. Free Guide: Turning Facebook Fans into Paying Customers


Go into more detail to help provide solutions in an e-book document. E-books can be where lead generation begins. Every e-book offer should be gated behind a form and should request some kind of lead information in exchange for the book. Make sure the book provides valuable information worth the info exchange, or the lead may find that you wasted their time.

White Papers

Gated content designed to promote the products or services from a specific company. As a marketing tool, these papers use facts and logical arguments to build a case for your service or product.


People love to watch videos. I often look at YouTube for tutorials, reviews, and solutions. Today anyone can create a free YouTube channel and begin to offer solutions. Don’t know how? Search YouTube, learn how, and develop a plan.

Remember, only three percent of visitors will contact you on a visit to your website. The purpose of the top of the funnel is to give great introductory information to help people begin to solve their problems. You want to provide deeper information in exchange for their lead information. Once this is achieved, visitors are a marketing qualified lead and then move to the middle of the marketing funnel.

Middle of the Marketing Funnel

The middle of the funnel is where e-mail marketing automation starts to work. Follow up with your leads automatically using targeted workflows based on the leads' initial lead form. Here are examples of middle of the funnel tools to help businesses gain mindshare:
Case Studies can help illustrate the successful solutions and outcomes that you have provided to the same problems the prospect has.
Performance Reports Demonstrate the benefits of your product or service with reports that contain performance indicators that measure the results of your service to others.

ROI Calculators

Use calculators to show the cost benefits of your solutions.


The service allows real-time point-to-point communications as well as multicast communications from one sender to many receivers. This is a great way to speak to many and gain mindshare as a thought leader.

Bottom of the Marketing Funnel

Once your lead has passed through the middle of the funnel (MOFU) by downloading marketing assets they reach the bottom of the automated marketing funnel. It’s to time make contact with the lead in person if possible. They are interested in your solutions, you have a record of their interactions, and you have great information to start a conversation and make them offers to help. Here are bottom of the funnel tools to help win a sale:

  • Demonstrations of product or services.
  • Free trials.
  • Consultations.
  • Quote requests.
  • Promotions.


Now you know the marketing funnel process to get more traffic to your website, get more qualified leads from your website and win more sales. Use this as a roadmap to turn your website into a marketing funnel and watch your revenue grow.

Want to Know More?

If you want to learn more about automated marketing to get more leads and business, a great way to start is to evaluate your current online marketing to develop a plan. This evaluation is an "Inbound Marketing Assessment" (or IMA).
An “IMA” is a free 1/2 hour marketing review to see where you can improve your Inbound Marketing efforts. The IMA will review your:

  • Search engine optimization opportunities.
  • Landing pages & lead-generation forms.
  • Calls-to-action.
  • Marketing offers.
  • Competitor analysis.

Request a Free Inbound Marketing Assessment

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