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Let’s Start Lead Nurturing

Let’s Start Lead Nurturing

Now that you have a name and e-mail offered to you by a prospect, what’s next? Automated lead nurturing!

If you don’t have a lead to nurture, please read Part 1: How to Get Leads On Line

Here's an Example of How an Automated Lead Nurturing Workflow Proceeds:

  • The contact information a lead submitted in exchange for valuable content goes into an automated lead nurturing workflow.
  • The workflow automatically sends the lead a customized thank you e-mail letter with a link to the content they just downloaded in case they need it again.
  • The e-mail thank you letter should also contain your contact information, your photo and a next step offer, with a  “call to action” directed to a lead form containing deeper information about how to solve their problem. Example information may be case studies, performance reports or webinars.

This middle of the marketing funnel information should begin to suggest why you may be a great solution for their problem by demonstrating how you've successfully solved the problem for others. Remember, your content should be focused on helping them solve their problem. Now your lead has a choice to make, and the nurturing workflow continues in two directions from this point – we’ll call them "A" and "B". 

A. What happens if they accept your offer?

If they accept your offer and click on your call to action they are taken to your lead form page. You gather a little more information about them – but again, don’t be intrusive. They are then moved to the offer download page and to the next stage of your lead-nurturing offer. The automated process will go through your lead-nurturing funnel until the lead is mature and ready to speak with a sales person and converted into a customer. The steps in the process vary depending on the product or service you offer and the choices your lead makes. The goal is to have a qualified lead ready to be closed by your salesperson.

B. What happens if they don't accept your offer?

If the lead doesn't accept your offer, they go into a different nurturing workflow and are offered more top of the funnel marketing information.  An effective automated lead nurturing solution will move the prospect into the right marketing workflow based on their interaction. The prospect may need to simmer because of poor timing or for other reasons. The new workflow may be a slow drip-marketing funnel. Because everything is automated, your prospect can be offered another chance to get deeper information and a chance to speak with you about your solutions. The point is to be helpful and let your automated marketing do the work so you can focus on closing the leads that are ready to close.

Automated Lead Nurturing Sounds Great – How Can I Make it Work for Me?

The great thing about automated lead nurturing is that once you set up the process it runs without you having to do the work yourself. The time is spent designing and setting up your offers, calls to actions, workflows and testing the automation. You do have to monitor your machine and tune it to make it more efficient. There are many automated lead nurturing solutions. The important thing is to research a solution that will work effectively because you will spend a great deal of time creating and building your lead generation machine.
Once you have your automated marketing solution in place you will see your website generate leads for you. Your leads will mature and they will want to do business with you because you understand them and their problems. You’ll have the answers they’re looking for and they’ll know you as being a helpful solution to their problem.

Key Takeaways:

  • Only 3% of visitors will contact you from your website.
  • “Contact Us” is a bottom of the funnel offer and 97% of visitors will not contact you.
  • Offer the 97% great engaging information they must have to help solve their problem.
  • You can develop leads from you website with great “calls to actions” connected to offers with lead forms.
  • Every page of your site should contain “calls to actions” and should relate to the page content.
  • Keep form pages simple, especially at the top of the offer funnel, and don't ask intrusive questions.
  • Make sure you have a well planned automated lead nurturing workflow.
  • Continuously test and measure your results to improve your lead nurturing outcomes.

What Do I Need to Do to Get Started With Lead Nurturing?                              

A great way to start a lead nurturing program is to evaluate where you are currently with your online marketing and then develop a plan to begin moving forward. This evaluation is an "Inbound Marketing Assessment" (or IMA).

An “IMA” is a free 1/2-hour marketing review to see where you can improve your Inbound Marketing efforts. The IMA will review your:

  • Search engine optimization opportunities.
  • Landing pages & lead-generation forms.
  • Calls-to-action.
  • Marketing offers.
  • Competitor analysis.

Request a Free Inbound Marketing Assessment



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