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What Makes a Great Logo Design?

What Makes a Great Logo Design?

A Great Logo is a Strong Visual Representation of Your Company

Your company logo needs to personify who you are as a business. It will often be the first thing that people see in your marketing and it is the centerpiece of your company's image and branding. It will be the connecting force between you and your clients so it's important to carefully think through what you want your logo to look like. The best logos are simple and memorable. They do not need a lot of detail. Some logos are simply words, and others have graphics along with them. A lot of research should be done to make sure that your logo design reaches your target audience. Take into consideration not only your company's image but also your buyer's age group and preferences – this will help set the style for your logo design.


A Great Logo is Technically and Graphically Strong


A logo should be scalable to many different sizes without losing quality. For this reason, logos in vector format work best. The special effects you can achieve in Adobe Photoshop may be tempting, but a Photoshop file is only a photo and it may become pixellated when enlarged and will not look professional. Your logo will be used in many different ways and different sizes. Small lines and shapes can disappear or fill in when the logo is reduced to a small size, so it must be designed with this in consideration.

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