These are the answers to the top 3 SEO questions we’re asked about getting found online.

1. “How Do I Get Found on Search Engines Like Google Bing and Yahoo?”

Everyone wants to be found on the top of search lists for their keywords. An immediate way to get found at the top of search engines is to sign up for a Google pay-per-click Adwords account choose your keywords and you will be at the top of searches because you are paying to be there. Here’s how to get started with Google Adwords. ‎If you are interested in getting found organically on search engines, please see the 8 steps below. 

2. “Why Doesn’t My Web Site Get the Phone Ringing With New Business?"

This may not be the fault of poor search rank. A website can rank well but not help visitors find the answers they’re looking for, and the visitors will bounce on to the next site in their search for their answer. Remember that only 3% of visitors are ready to make contact with you from your site.

That leaves 97% of the visitors searching for answers to their problems. Does your website offer the solutions they are searching for? Does it offer an opportunity for visitors to download an e-book, watch a helpful how-to video, or read a blog post written to answer their problem?  Remember that a website should be optimized for people first and then for search engines. Give visitors an opportunity to interact with you, with great calls-to-actions and content that helps them find the answers they are looking for. How to turn your website into an inbound marketing machine.

3. “Why Doesn't My Site Show Up In a Search Using Google, Bing, and Yahoo?”

Eight reasons why you don’t get found on Google, Bing and Yahoo and how to fix it:

  1. I never announced my website to Google, Bing and Yahoo so they don’t know that I exist. 
How to tell Google, Bing and Yahoo that a site exists.
  2. I didn’t register with Google places. 
How to register with Google places.
  3. I did not upload my website site map and direct Google, Bing and Yahoo where to find it. 
How to upload a site map and tell Google how to access it.  
  4. I didn’t include keywords for my business on my website.
Why do I need Keywords? What are keywords?
  5. I didn’t use the keywords effectively to my advantage on my website.
How to use keywords effectively on a website
  6. I didn’t research to find the best keywords to describe my business.
Finding keywords for my business with Google Keyword tool  
  7. I don’t know if anyone visits my site. How do I find out?
How to add Google Analytics to my site.
  8. I don’t know how people find my site.
Add Google Analytics

Following and completing the steps above will help you to make the search engines aware of your website, and it’s a great start. After completing the steps, focus on improving your site's SEO. How to Master Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

I think that one of the most interesting pieces of the 8 suggestions is the Google Analytics suggestion. Google Analytics will give you insight into how many visits your website gets, what pages were viewed on your website, how long visitors visited your website and who referred the visitor to your site. Also, Google Analytics will show you where the visitors are from, and which networks, browsers and devices they are using to look at your site.

Unfortunately, Google Analytics no longer shows the keywords that viewers used to find your site. The Google Analytics tool is free and provides information you can use to improve your website's visibility.