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Website Optimizing Tips that Work

Website Optimizing Tips that Work

Optimizing your website is about setting up your website for success — but how do you get people to your site and what do you do with them once they are on your website?

The dictionary meaning of Optimization is: OPTIMIZATION -Noun: An act, process, or methodology of making something as fully perfect, functional or effective as possible. Derivative of the verb optimize |ˈäptəˌmīz | verb [with obj.] make the best or most effective use of (a situation, opportunity, or resource): Computing rearrange or rewrite (data, software, etc.) to improve efficiency of retrieval or processing.

What Should I Optimize My Website for, Specifically?

You should optimize your site to get;
    1.    Website Visitors, to visit your site.
    2.    Search Engines, to take note of your site in the search.
An un-optimized site does not attract, convert, close or delight customers. A well optimized site should attract your “ideal customer” to your website.

So what are “Website Visitors”?

Website visitors are people who land on your website. More visitors mean more opportunities for leads and customers.

How to Get the Right Visitors to Your Site:

Focus first on “Buyers Personas”. What is a “Buyers Persona”? 
Buyer Personas are fictional characters that marketers create by doing research. They represent your ideal customer and help you to refine your marketing activities for that idea customer. They are detailed written biographical outlines describing all aspects of the person that you are trying to communicate with and attract to your business. Some companies have multiple Buyer Personas and separate marketing campaign channels for each.

Your Buyer Personas should dictate all actions you take with your marketing. Buyers personas are the point of focus in all your marketing.
Free Buyers Persona Template.

  • All online and offline marketing
  • Blog posts
  • Offers
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Landing pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Lead nurturing
  • Automation
  • Sales techniques
  • Product/service development
  • Everything must speak to your buyer persona!

More benefits of Buyer Personas:

  1. They help you create a website experience that speaks directly to your ideal client and weeds out undesirable ones.
  2. They help you use the language, imagery, style and lingo that your ideal client is using.
  3. They help you create marketing content and offers that interest your ideal client so they linger longer on your site.
  4. They help you guide your ideal client throughout a specific path on your website — hopefully this is through your marketing funnel.
  5. They encourage alignment of focus for your entire company.

Simply put, they make you a better marketer. Understanding your buyer personas saves time, money & resources in the long run. Optimizing your website for buyer personas and search engines opens up opportunities.

Fun Facts: Google logs over 2 billion searches a day. 70% of the links search users click on are organic – not paid. 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results., October 2010

Tips on Optimizing Your Website in Two Steps:

  1. Understand your buyer persona(s) and prioritize them.
  2. Build a website and user experience that speaks to both the user and search engines.

Your Buyer Personas allow you to know whom you are marketing to. As you begin to formulate your different personas you’ll find that some are more evident or lucrative than others. You will need to prioritize them by asking yourself which is your most lucrative?  What services or products appeal most to them? You can then use this information when building your website and marketing material. You must build a website user experience that speaks to them and to search engines. This is where it can get difficult, but the philosophy is to build a world-class site experience that tells your company’s story and shows your ideal customer that you understand them and care.

Tips to create a site that helps your visitors:

  1. Create content that contain modules and guidance to the next logical step.
  2. Design simple, website navigation, and use color schemes that don’t distract.
  3. Add optimization by adding the right Keywords to attract website visitors and search engines.
  4.  Remember that on-page SEO is about consistency for buyer personas and ease of crawl-ability for search engines.

Tips on how to attract visitors:

  1. Select quality keywords that your buyer personas use.
  2. Lay out your page structure to make your keyword or topic easily understood.
  3. Remember that structured pages using keywords make it easy for search engines to crawl.

Tips on important "On-Page SEO Elements" to consider:

  1. Pages should focus on one or two keywords per page.
  2. The Page Title located in the browser title bar should contain keywords.
  3. URLs are the web address and should contain keywords.
  4. Page Headers using the H1 tag should also contain keywords.
  5. The Content is the body copy on the page, and it should contain keywords in context that make sense to the reader.
  6. The Meta Description is a 140-character description of the topic your page addresses. The Meta Description should contain keywords.

Summary of site optimization:

  1. Define your buyer personas & prioritize them in order of importance to your company.
  2. Build the website using the personas as a guide to create marketing content.
  3. Structure on-page SEO using the keywords and content that your buyers personas use so your pages will get found in searches.



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