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Why Adding Badges and Awards to Your Website is Important

Why Adding Badges and Awards to Your Website is Important

Many of our website customers subscribe to sites to get reviews in order to help attract customers and establish a reputation. They offer rewards in the form of "badges" that can be placed on their website. Other times clients receive awards based on being "voted" the best at something in their field of expertise. It's important to place these badges and awards on your website.


Benefits of Adding Badges and Awards to Your Website

  • The badges are a link to a reputable site which many times also links back to you – this raises awareness and social sharing possibilities, thus improving your SEO opportunities.
  • Badges mark your achievements as a business. Winning awards over the years helps to build your reputation.
  • When customers see your badges on your website, this establishes a trust and credibility for your business. They are more likely to do business with you when they see that someone else has given you a good review or award.

Examples of Review Sites

There are many review sites where reviews can be posted about people, businesses, products, or services. You can even set up an area on your own website where clients can submit testimonials and reviews. Here are a few popular services that many of our clients use:

  • Angie's List
  • Yelp
  • Wedding Wire
  • Google Reviews
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Your own website (clients submit reviews and testimonials)

Where to Place your Badges or Awards

A common question that we are asked is, "Where do I place my badge/award on my website?" The header (the topmost section of your website, usually where your company logo and phone number are located) is a great place to add your badge. The footer is also a great place to add badges, alongside your social media links. Some clients even opt to create a separate page dedicated to the award. And by the way, don't forget to add your badges and awards to your printed marketing materials too!

How to Add a Badge to Your Website

The company which awards you the badge will often send you a link to download some art and/or web code to place on your website. This code may not make sense to you when you are reading it because it is in HTML code form. This code will need to be sent to your web developer to place on your website. If you are adding the code to your Joomla website on your own, be aware that sometimes the code can be a little quirky and may require that you turn off the editor before placing the code on the article page. If you have any concerns, please contact us at DeCarlo Studios, we can assist you with this.


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