Website Design, Northern VA, Personal Care Product

Website Design for Personal Care Products Company

Bionic Skin
Northern Virginia (VA)

Features: fully responsive website design, user-friendly store, product photography and photo enhancement, dynamic PHP database-driven responsive website design / Joomla CMS development project.

Our client succeeded with helping to create a product specifically for ingrown hairs and razor bumps – Bionic Skin. He contacted DeCarlo Studios to help with his website design initially, and also contracted us to create the bottle design and photography. The result is this dramatic website highlighting his Bionic Skin product. Orders can be taken directly through the website, which also features beautiful photography and a special offer page. The client is able to make website changes as needed on their own. In addition to creating the web site and its system functionality, the site includes a Joomla content management system and drop down menus. The website is fully expandable as the client grows his product line.