Website Design, Reston VA, The Originial Reston Farm Market

Website Design for Reston, Virginia Farm Market

The Original Reston Farm Market
Reston, Virginia ( VA )

Colorful slideshow, categorized interactive project gallery with over 250 images, PHP database driven website design, Joomla CMS development project.

website-design-the-original-reston-farm-market- reston-va

Our client, Hall Kern, was the owner and entrepreneur of the original Reston Farm Market for 23 years from its beginning in 1974 until its closing in 1997 in Reston, VA. He wanted to create a scrapbook style website where he could place photos, videos, publicity and memory pages of his farm market as it grew over the years. The initial website includes the first phase, with memories from the early years 1976-1984. Viewers can leave comments on the photos and share memories. The website incorporates a slideshow on the home page and a large gallery of photos that capture the spirit of the Original Reston Farm Market. This Joomla CMS website can be easily expanded and updated.